Car wash and train wash systems and their water recycling technologies

Using innovative technologies, this system allows you to re-use your entire comercial wastewater (from carwash or train wash). This in turn, enables you to capture savings, whilst actively helping to preserve the environment.
Wash water is treated utilising 3 key stages. Heavy solids are firstly settled using an intensive sludge interceptor. Secondly, the water is passed through a cyclonic filter and finally through activated granular carbon vessels to remove any organic compounds, and chemicals.
This system has led to significant reduction in mains water bills, while freeing up limited fresh mains water for other site requirements. This system fits well for a socially conscious car/bus wash or train wash firm looking to enhance their cost savings while maintaining a green operation.
Furthermore, local authorities are becoming stricter concerning water usage by the vehicle wash centres, both manual and automatic. Many countries have already implemented environmental policies (related to the treatment and recycling of wash water) with others soon to follow. Pre-compliance of environment regulations may be wise to not put your business in jeopardy later.


• Reduces use of mains water

• Cuts costs of water usage

• Re-used water is as clean as mains water

• Promotes a healthy and environmentally friendly brand image

• Tax savings