EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate, which has become an important rating scheme to summarise the energy efficiency of different buildings. EPC also includes tips/suggestions on how to improve energy rating and reduce energy consumption in buildings. The drawback of EPC is that both the ratings and suggestions are mainly based on assumptions, instead of using facts. To this end, we, at Chamberlains Aqua Systems Limited, have taken the concept of EPC to a higher and more advanced level, and called it “EPC+”. In EPC+, we comprehensively and analytically assess both the energy and water performance of each building in the following stages: 

1.Data Collection

We start by conducting a comprehensive survey on water and energy consumption, water and energy use appliances, and users’ (residents’) habits and behaviors. 

Next, we collect further detailed information on:

  • Utility bills (1-3 years)
  • Detailed floor plans
  • Room-by-room information on energy/water supply and demand, types and sizes of windows and doors, heating and cooling appliances, etc.
  • Using specialised equipment such as:
    • Advanced thermal cameras to identify the exact locations of heat loss;
    • Power/electricity loggers to find out if there are any problems with the metres and any electrical appliances.
    • Lux metres to assess the quality and conditions of lighting
    • Flue gas analyzers to test the performance and efficiency of boilers in both residential and commercial/industrial buildings
    • High-resolution inspection cameras for cavity wall insulation inspection, an inspection of spaces under floors, above ceilings and behind panels and ducts, etc.
2.Data Analysis

In this step, all the gathered data gets thoroughly analysed, and possible issues get detected. 

3.Identifying Optimal Solutions

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), we identify a cluster of optimal sustainable solutions. You will be given a detailed list of your potential solutions, tailored to your unique situation, from which you can choose the best option/options. These solutions often comprised a number of technologies or appliances (such as heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps, efficient condensing boilers, solar systems, water-efficient appliances, greywater systems, rainwater harvesting systems, carwash, and train wash water recycling systems, and so on) and/or change of patterns of use or behaviour. Our team will be supporting you along the way and guide you when needed to ensure the best possible results. We are the only company in the UK that provides such a sustainability-oriented advanced service for both commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

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